Thursday, August 05, 2004

Friendship's Day

People generally wish each other only on the first of the year, 1st Jan.
What's so special about this day, just that it is the beginning of each year, and that you wish on this day so that the rest of the year goes fine, supposedly?
So, I have this thing with my best "friend", we wish each other on the first day of each month (I know, ideally, it should be each day, but it would look foolish, well if not that, it may become very unenthusiastic and boring to wish each other every day).
So, on the night of the last day of the month, we call up each other, and wish a happy new month.
So far so good. But I have one more of "this thing". I do not remember days. Rose Day, Teacher's day, Valentine's day (well, I remember this one, who can forget it), this day that day.
So, on the night of 31st July, my friend calls me up, and says "Wish you a very happy new month, and wish you a very happy friendship day." Now the first half was okay, expected, joy/smile creating. But the later half, was .... excuse me, what is it, unexpected, and kind of horrifying. All that I can come up with, "Is tomorrow a friendship's day, I don't know. And you know that I don't remember days." Well, not a bad answer. And my friend knew me, so I was saved.

My next experience was not so pleasant. My other best friend (yeah, you can have two), calls me suddenly in the middle of the day, when I am peacefully sleeping, in the cold wind (of my cooler), when suddenly my phone rings. I pull the earpiece of the handsfree, and "Kutte Kamine tu mujhe phone karke Happy Friendship's day wish nahi kar sakta" Oh, shit, I forgot to wish this guy.

Monday, July 26, 2004


In nearly all the cultures in the world, people generally want to begin doing somethign new, or taking a major decision in their life on an auspicious day.

Today I am starting to write blogs.

Something which I wanted to do for a long time. But for I could never sum up the courage (why? that could make another posting, so I would save it for that one). Today, I got to know the marks of one of my papers.

Mid-Terms got over just yesterday, and here we are today, with the evaluated answer sheet. And how much do I score, a whooping 7 out of 45. Wow, now that sounds great. And do you wanna know how much I scored in my quiz, (a) 3 out of 10. Now that makes me stand at a total of 10 out of the 55 marks. And, though I am not the lowest in my class, I am not far off from it, just one place. So, if I dont want to flunk the exam, I would have to score somethign like 30 out of the remaining 45. How does that sound?

And that's why the day is not auspicious for me. It is a totally different story that I do not believe in auspicious and unauspicous, and hence - the blog.